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LM International on the candidacy of Dr. Denis Mukwege DRC

Doktor Denis Mukwege Photo: Håkan Flank LM International

For more than 20 years, LM International has supported the Panzi Hospital in providing quality care in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The hospital’s founder, Dr. Denis Mukwege, is a recipient of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize for his fight against conflict-related sexual violence. Through his leadership at the hospital and within the Congolese Pentecostal movement (CEPAC), he has worked tirelessly to promote peace and justice in the DRC through health care work and national and global advocacy efforts.

On October 2, 2023, Dr. Denis Mukwege announced his candidacy in the 2023 presidential elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Panzi Hospital, as a health institution, remains politically neutral, and Dr. Denis Mukwege has stepped down from his official role at the hospital for the time being. LM International, as a partner of the hospital and a humanitarian aid organization, respects this position and will direct any inquiries regarding this decision to Dr. Denis Mukwege’s political allies.

With over 30 years of dedicated struggle against sexual and gender-based violence and the pursuit of a peaceful democratic development in the region, Dr. Denis Mukwege has become a symbol of change. We express our gratitude for his leadership, service to Panzi Hospital and the remarkable impact he has made on the lives of many women and girls through his work in DRC and around the world.

LM International, together with Panzi Hospital, CEPAC and other local partners in DRC, will keep working towards the goal of ensuring everyone’s right to quality healthcare, combating sexual violence and promoting justice and peace.

Maria Bard, Head of Advocacy Africa, who has worked as an advisor for Dr. Denis Mukwege and with many years of experience in monitoring the development in the Democratic Republic of Congo: 

"It is crucial that we continue to fight against gender-based violence in the DRC and ensure that women and girls receive the protection and support they need. Our work at Panzi Hospital and with other local partners is a manifestation of our commitment to promoting gender equality, justice, and peace in the region. Dr. Denis Mukwege has been an important role model in this struggle, and we are proud to be part of the work towards transforming lives and communities."

For LM International:

Josephine Sundqvist, Secretary General

Maria Bard, Head of Advocacy Africa 

For questions about Dr. Denis Mukwege's political candidacy, please contact:

Mr. Biselo-Ndosimau Eric, e-mail: biselo-avocat@outlook.fr

Tel: +243 (0) 822 653 161, +243 (0) 991 053 123

For questions about LM International’s work, please contact:

Maria Bard, e-mail: maria.bard@lminternational.org

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