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LM International (Läkarmissionen) and Elekta Foundation Join Forces to Revolutionize Women’s Integrated Healthcare in Africa

Stockholm, June 4, 2024. LM International, a leading Swedish global development and humanitarian foundation and the Elekta Foundation, an international foundation with the mission to improve cancer care access in underserved countries, are proud to announce that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed. The overarching aim of the partnership is to accelerate and deliver woman-focused healthcare in low-income countries.
The global burden of cancer is increasing worldwide, with most new cases and cancer-related mortality occurring in low- and middle income countries1 and where cervical and breast cancer are the most common cancers amongst women.
“Women’s Health is a central priority for LM International’s global strategy and via our partnership with Elekta Foundation we can improve access to cancer care in underserved countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Our ambitious aim is to develop and scale-up women-centered health services, through midwife trainings and the roll-out of innovative digital tools to improve diagnosis in rural areas”, says Josephine Sundqvist, PhD, Secretary-General of LM International.
Initial work will concern cervical and breast cancer affecting women in sub-Saharan countries, and especially palliative care, providing essential support to women battling and recovering from cancer. During treatment, recovery can be enhanced by offering psychological and social support, as well as ensuring daily access to nutritious food.
“Together with LM International, we will be able to heighten awareness about cancer and emphasize the critical nature of preventive work, screening, and early treatment. For us, it’s significant to collaborate with a partner that prioritizes local partnerships and champions innovative models that can be expanded to achieve lasting impact, benefiting entire communities and regions”, says Lacy Hubbard, President, Elekta Foundation.
Health is a fundamental human right, crucial for reaching one’s full potential. The close link between health and poverty reduction underscores the importance of educating and training healthcare staff—an area that these long-term partnerships also address.
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LM International (Läkarmissionen) Josephine Sundqvist, Secretary General josephine.sundqvist@lminternational.org, mobile: +46 (70) 190 80 38
Elekta Foundation, Lacy Hubbard, President
lacy.hubbard@elektafoundation.com, mobile: +1 (314) 368 8423


www.elektafoundation.com Elekta Foundation is a non-profit organization with the mission to improve cancer care access in underserved countries. The work is focusing on two areas: Expand Training & Education and Increase Awareness & Prevention. Since inception in 2022 comprehensive work has been initiated in Rwanda with the goal to eliminate cervical cancer and this by collaborating with government, international and local NGOs, healthcare providers and the private sector.

www.lminternational.org LM International is a Swedish global Foundation that promotes sustainable poverty reduction from a human right perspective and a relevant humanitarian actor responding to humanitarian needs with respect to the humanitarian principles. The foundation works to provide water, sanitation and hygiene, health and wellbeing, education and training, and food security to the most vulnerable. Since 1958, LM International has been operating in the world's highly vulnerable communities in response to the direst needs of the impoverished communities in more than 30 countries. The ultimate goal is for healthy and empowered people to create a future for themselves in ways that do not compromise the planetary health and lives of future generations.


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Läkarmissionen är en biståndsorganisation som verkar för hållbar fattigdomsbekämpning utifrån ett rättighetsperspektiv. Våra fokusområden är social och ekonomisk inkludering, utbildning, hälsa samt vatten, sanitet och hygien (WASH). Organisationen grundades 1958 och har idag cirka 300 anställda runt om i världen. Primärt arbetar vi för marginaliserade samhällsgrupper och kvinnor och barn som lever i utsatthet. Vi fokuserar på arbete i Afrika, Latinamerika, Mellanöstern och Europa. Det gemensamma arbetet leds från Läkarmissionens globala kontor i Stockholm. Verksamheten finansieras genom insamling från allmänheten i Sverige och institutionella bidrag. Läs mer på www.lakarmissionen.se eller följ oss på facebook.com/Lakarmissionen.


Josephine Sundqvist
Josephine Sundqvist
Elekta Foundation, Lacy Hubbard
Elekta Foundation, Lacy Hubbard